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"Standart" Series Fume Cupboards with no Laboratory Benches (hemically resistant plastic worktop)

Code: hemically resistant plastic worktop
Dimensions: 900*750*2200
Cost: 1151.81 $
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Designed for use in laboratories that require versatile and generously spacious work and storage arrangements

Modular design

Manufactured from powder coated steel

Standard specification:

  • a counterweighted sliding front sash

  • lighting with a switches

  • two electrical sockets 220 V

  • control power supply

  • a collar for an air extraction system

The Standard series fume cupboards are equipped with an air extraction system that sucks fumes away from the upper and lower working area levels.

Worktop can be made of 300x300 mm ceramic velstone, chemically resistant plastic (all exposed edges are finished with a stainless steel bevel), stainless steel.

Fume cupboard base is fitted with a 150 mm panel, variable height drawers (450, 600 or 900 mm wide) and/or electrical outlets.

Adjustable legs.

Also available: extra drawers, a Triplex counterweighted sliding front sash.

Technical characteristics
hemically resistant plastic worktop.
Supplied disassembled.